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About us

Natural Wine Collective is a partnership between a large number of importers and three natural wine lovers who work in Amsterdam´s first natural wine bar Glouglou. 

We offer a broad range of selected quality wines from the following importers: Vinatura, Bolomey, Bruutwijn, Daxivin, Delicroatia, De Wijnvriend, Vaime Wines, Vinum Naturale, Winestories, Wilde Wijnen, Yanfloryn and Zuiver Wijnen.

You can select your preferred wines by browsing our site or by using the Home Sommelier. His RECOMMENDATIONS help you choose each time you buy, but he also offers a subscription that will deliver your wines every month at your doorstep.

The three founders of Natural Wine Collective are Paul Witte, Marc van Kempen and Herish Salim.

Paul "Glouglou" Witte discovered the then virtually absent natural wine scene in the 90’s, when he started buying wines at early adapter Helmer Otterman who, against all odds, sold unsulfured wines ‘avant la lettre’. When in 2015 Paul called his translator and copywriter career quits, he opened natural wine bar Glouglou, and the rest is history. Paul enjoys working in the vineyard and has a fondness for wines that are, you might have guessed, glouglou: full of juice, energy, and life.

Marc van Kempen is our Obelix - not because of his build (slim), nor because of his braids (absent), but because he too “fell” into the magic potion at a young age: when five he was allowed to taste the bordeaux and burgundy's his family brought annually from France - yes, at the time people educated their children in miraculous ways. Where most young children don't like (red) wine, he loved it - and believe me, if you know Marc, you can imagine his delight. A few decades later, and an artist now, he opened wine bar Miller, the first natural wine bar of Berlin. In 2019 Marc returned to Amsterdam and applied to Glouglou, where he gives Italian and Eastern European wines a more prominent place.

As a physics student, Herish Salim frequented Glouglou because he adored the bar´s wine offer, without being aware the wines were as natural as they get. As he became more knowledgeable about natural wine, his interest grew and soon he too joined the Glouglou team. His interest is in terroir and this immediately explains his love for natural wine: he tastes the origins of a wine because the jus is not adjusted. He discards the assertion that certain natural wine flavours are “wrong”. Quite on the contrary, he insists these flavours belong to wine and give it it's thrill. Herish prefers wine from the northerly wine regions as well as higher-lying vineyards, since they are often more delicate.