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About Natural Wine

Natural wine is wine made from grapes only. Yes, you might say, that's obvious. But unfortunately it is not. EU regulations permit wine makers to add over sixty additives (both industrial and natural) to the wine. And, trust us, in practice, more are added. So, natural wine makers only use one ingredient to make their wines: healthy grapes, grown without pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. In their vineyards, nature is in charge. 

Our winegrowers are idiosyncratic men and women who see their land as a vital ecosystem, instead of a cash cow. They allow their vineyards to teem with life, deliberately keeping the yield per vine low and ensuring the plants are strong and the grapes full of concentrated juice. The harvest is done manually; therefor only flawless, ripe grapes are picked, and since those grapes are unsprayed, they ferment trough the unique yeast cells present on their skin. During this process, no or almost no sulfur is added, so the wine remains "alive" and preserves its energy. Before bottling our wines are neither filtered nor clarified, because the substance left behind in the filter has a lot of flavor. Therefor some of our wines are a bit cloudy.

For most of the conventional viticulture high yields and a stable end product are paramount. The lack of quality is obscured by (chemical) additives and mechanical tricks. This stands in sharp contrast to natural viticulture, where the wine is the utmost expression of terroir and vintage. It's safe to say that natural wines are purer and more expressive than “normal” wines. While critics suggest natural wines have flaws unbelonging to wine, for us natural wine is much more alive, exciting, and full of energy. As with any product, there are poor natural wines but rest assured, you will not find those not on this website. The wines from Natural Wine Collective come in all types and flavors, but they have one thing in common: they are purely natural and very tasteful, and in many they will lead to feelings of great euphoria. Glouglou!